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All our efforts and investments are geared towards offering better solutions.

Founded in 2005, Findoliya has grown exponentially to become one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of Diamond and Jewellery all over the globe. We have our registered office in Surat, Gujarat, India. Our company has an exceptional track record in terms of quality product, consistent production, and customer service. Due to our high-quality norms, customer-centric approach, and competitive prices, we are a trustworthy manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of products under one roof.


To meet the needs of jewelry industry by manufacturing highest quality Certified diamonds in variety of shapes, colors, and sized.


To establish a flawless supply chain with our customers in order to meet all industry needs with our efforts to create high-quality rare diamonds.


To Lead the industry in providing the highest quality Single Crystal Diamond for the fine jewelry industry.

Ethical. Stunning. One-of-a-Kind.

We are passionate about uniquely beautiful, ethically sourced fine jewelry. We believe there should be no compromise between quality and conscience.

“We are small enough to know all our clients personally. Yet we are big enough to meet all their requirements.”