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Who We Are

Findoliya export is known for importing, processing and exporting diamonds to various other companies across the globe. We cater to a number of countries globally with the USA, Hong Kong, China and Israel being the top markets. To procure the rough diamond, we join hands with Russia, Belgium and Botswana turning those rough stones into the dazzling polished diamond that reaches you.

We, at findoliya, believe in blending modern techniques with our traditional values to transform stones into diamonds. You will immediately sense a touch of classic morals with contemporary methods giving an edge to our diamonds when associating with them.

We refine diamonds of different shapes and colors from 0.18 carat to over 10 carats. With our standardized regulations, Strict quality control and advanced technology, findoliya export is proud to stand out in the diamond industry and is elated to bring the best of the lot to our customers.

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100% Conflict Free

Our passion is ethical and beautiful. Creating treasures you’ll love to past down for generations.

Lowest Price

We Can Offer the Best Price; So We Do.

We’re Confident You’ll Love It

We offer complimentary 30 day returns and resizing.

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Proudly Diamond In The USA

Real, indistinguishable from mined diamonds and grown here.*

Ethical. Stunning. One-of-a-Kind.

We are passionate about uniquely beautiful, ethically sourced fine jewelry. We believe there should be no compromise between quality and conscience.

“We are small enough to know all our clients personally. Yet we are big enough to meet all their requirements.”

Findoliya's Satisfaction Guarantee!

Here’s Why Most Retailers Are Choosing Findoliya export For Diamonds

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Peaceful Consistent Supply !
We understand pain when a retailer can’t get the supply when needed. That results in frustration and lost customers. We assure you of our consistent supply all the time.

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Quality Satisfaction !
After being in the industry for 40 years Cutting and Polishing diamonds, serving customers at our best, we understand what a small difference can change the quality therefore we craft our diamonds by keeping the smallest detail in mind side by side. So, it always shines in your customers’ lives!

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Profitable Pricing !
After working for so many years with retailers, We understand how a profit margin plays an important role while selling Lab grown diamonds. Because of that our pricing is best enough so you can stay much more profitable than your competitors in the business.

Our Manufacturing

Our dedicated team of craftsmen are skilled in using highly complex technologies and have an eye for creativity and innovation helping them make a clear judgement of balance between your needs and the ideal looks required to create your masterpiece.

We strive for execllence by procuring masterpieces from the raw stones by processing it through the extensive procedures of cutting, polishing and grading therefore making sure every piece we create fits our high standards. Our team comprising of over a thousand Shivam Family members, understands the importance of our culture thus inculcating methods in such a way that they are considerate to our core values.

Highest standards have been maintained through regular checks and stringent controls that make the manufacturing and delivery process effective. We are passionate about delivering highly sophisticated products therefore we do not compromise on any part of the process. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself!


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